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7 August 2022

Happy Birthday to You! It's the 2 year anniversary of the release of Hustler's 'Reloaded' album.


4 July 2022

We are now selling the Hustler Boxset. All three albums: Hight Street 1974 (remastered 2021), Play Loud 1975 (remastered 2021) and Reloaded 2020. This is a limited offer at a great price. 

15 June 2022

Finally, Hight Street and Play Loud are now available online to download/stream at all your favourite stores. 


11 March 2021

We apologise for recent problems with the mobile version of this website but pleased to announce that it is now back up and running. 


26th February 2021

All's well at Black Cat. CD's for all three Hustler Albums are available from the key European Amazon outlets as well that this site. Unfortunately, only 'Reloaded' is currently available to download and stream but we hope the Remastered versions 'High Street' and 'Play Loud' will available online in the near future.


5th December 2020


Finally, we’ve now released the remastered versions of Hustler’s first two albums, High Street and Play Loud. High Street also included two Bonus Tracks; ‘Happy Days’, which was originally the B side of their first single (‘Get Outta Me ‘Ouse’) and ‘Suzie’ now available for the first time. 



11th October 2020

A while ago, Universal Music inherited the Hustler back catalogued and we are currently talking to them about getting the remastered versions of the first two Hustler Albums (High Street & Play Loud) released before Christmas.

Two years ago, Ken Lyons (aka Tigger) managed to persuade the lovely people at Universal Music to let him have access to the original Multi Track Tapes and Master Mixes. Like a child in a sweetshop, he spend many hours in the studio turning knobs and pushing faders. He remastered both albums and produced two bonus tracks and so we at Black Cat are ready to go. Fingers crossed eh?


18th August 2020

Release day (7th August) went off with a bang. Album sales went through the roof and Radio Caroline are back on board with Hustler too. They were the first radio station to play our first single back in 1974. DJ, Barry James, featured our album on the 7th August 2020 (Release Day) on his show and played 4 tracks. Reloaded was his ‘Album of the Day’. Plus, the lovely Suzy Wilde played 'Stay Close To Me' on her show on the 17th August.


If your favourite radio station is not tuned in and turned on to the new Hustler album yet, help them out, give them a call and make a request for your favourite track. 


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