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the GUYs are back

Hustler photo session 1974

Hustler, a rock band from the 70s, were signed to A&M in 1974 and went on to record two classic albums. They toured the UK extensively and supported Queen on their first headline tour. 


They also toured Europe and were the support act for Status Quo in 1975. They made numerous TV and Radio appearances too. The London based hell raisers were known for their energetic live performances. They  were always excited to return home and play at the Marquee in London’s West End and were credited as the band playing there the most between  1973 and 1974.


Sadly in 1976 due to the pressures of touring, the band split. During the following 40 years there was talk of reforming on many occasions, but now, the long awaited collaboration of the old school mates and friends has finally happened. The boys are back with a fresh approach and it is mind blowing.

Their new album began in 1985 when Vocalist Steve Haynes and Bass Player Tigger Lyons embarked on a project that was never completed. In 2010 Steve lost the ability to sing and in 2014 the original guitarist, Micky Llewellyn died so in 2016, Tigger copied Steve's vocals from the old 8 track tapes and began the task of reforming the band in order to complete the project. The album was completed in the Summer of 2019 and is a tribute to Steve Haynes and Micky Llewellyn.

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